Volvo plans to release the medium-tonnage electric truck this year

Volvo joins in a race of producers of electric trucks. The portal of a cargo transportation Transinfo knew of it from messages of the company in the press.

This week the Swedish company has stated that in 2018 she will present electric model of the truck to general public, and in 2019 — will begin their sale. Some elected clients will receive new trucks even before the termination of 2018 before they go on open sale.

Commenting on this news, the president of Volvo Trucks Kles Nilsson, has said:

“The electric vehicle completely corresponds to long-term obligations of Volvo Truck for sustainable development of the urban environment and lack of harmful emissions. We believe in full electrification for city network of delivery as the first step. However it only beginning”. The first the trucks of the average tonnage intended first of all for the city will be issued. Their loading capacity, most likely, won’t exceed 4-5 tons. In future Volvo plans to present electric models and in other segments.

Now the company establishes relation with refueling networks and authorities to provide to the new cars with the electric drive worthy service.

Technologies and practices in the field of the Volvo electric vehicles are based on commercial decisions which were applied in electrobuss and also on decisions which have equipped their hybrid trucks in 2010.

Thanks to low noise level, electric trucks can be used at night when a steam of cars in the city not such big. It will reduce the general time which is spent by carriers on delivery around the city, and will allow to use more effectively transport infrastructure, including to lower load of a paving in rush hours.

The city administration of Stockholm, the government of Sweden and Royal Institute of Technology have presented results of the Off Peak City Distribution project (“Distribution of city delivery operations out of rush hours”). Transportation of freights on the center of Stockholm is three times more effective at night, than in the afternoon. Also work after midnight allows to increase car loading capacity, having reduced thereby the number of flights.

Except the Volvo company the companies Daimler, Volkswagen, Tesla are engaged in production of electric trucks.

Has already presented to Daimler the model of completely electric truck in Europe. Volkswagen invests in a conclusion to the market of Europe of eletrogruzovik under the name of MAN 1,7 billion dollars. However the prototype presentation from the Tesla company became the most sensational.