Telehandler Manitou MHT- X 10180

Mining companies can use the Manitou MHT-X 10180 all year round for a variety of tasks.

Assistants in a large business

MHT-X 10180 belongs to the category of heavyweights in a unique range of telehandlers Manitou and has the same fixed boom, as construction and agricultural machines MT and MLT, with a maximum height up to 14 meters. Typically, these loaders are used to perform specific tasks when you need to move and/or to apply sufficient heavy or oversized cargo.The most widely used in the mining industry where, despite the relatively large capacity and a large size, are auxiliary machines for servicing large mining equipment – dump trucks or excavators. The loader MHT-X 10180 can be used, for example, together with grip for the tyres (or, as it is called, kalenichenko) TH 57. It can be used to capture bus 57th radius installed on mining trucks with different carrying capacity.
Their number, depending on the size of the enterprise, can be tens to hundreds more. This modern, highly efficient machinery operates around the clock and performs complex tasks: each machine removes from the incision or career and delivers to processing 150 – 220 t rocks (coal or minerals).

When the account goes on a minute

Damage may occur directly during operation, when the dump trucks with 220 tons of earth moving on an asphalt road. Part of the cargo when it crumbles, and it’s not rubble, and giant pieces of rock. When hitting on them is the tire damage, a stopped car blocks the movement of the entire fleet. And the sooner she can return to duty and continue to work for removal of rocks from the mine, the less there will be financial losses. It is therefore essential to replace the wheels in a short time.The more that we are talking about very expensive (up to 1-1,5 million dollars) technique, one hour of downtime which in some plants can cost up to 10 thousand dollars.
Before replacing the wheels was carried out with the help of a crane. But imagine: to remove wheel size from 2.5 or more meters, the average weight of which together with the disc may vary from 4 to 12 tons – is not an easy task. However, even more difficult to return the wheel back. The disk is worn on the RMK, where there are about 80 pins. To perform operation with a crane without damaging the studs, and also make it safe for the operator located in the vicinity of heavy wheels, is extremely difficult.

Modern technology – the key to success

For these reasons, advanced enterprise quite a long ago abandoned this method. In an effort to minimize the downtime of high performance vehicles, helping to increase execution speed, increase turnover and profit, they are moving to a more modern service equipment: large-tonnage forklifts with a lifting capacity of 15 tons, wheel loaders and telehandlers. All of them are in such cases equipped with special colestyramine.
Forklift trucks can move loads vertically only. And if you need to replace the wheels in the two-seater, a forklift is unlikely to help with this, as they will not be able to submit their grip for removal of the second wheel. This work will cope better front loaders. However, it should be borne in mind that the kinematics of the boom of these machines has the freedom of movement in the vertical and a limited horizontal freedom.

However, the most effectively work to change wheels perform telehandlers, which are the youngest in class auxiliary equipment designed for such work. The boom of these machines can run forward and climb up. In addition, they will be the first for security and speed.

Telehandlers – versatile fighters

From the point of view of the cost of telehandlers are the best option, midway between the fork and front. If the forklift or front loader is used for changing wheels, instead of the bucket and the forks on them have kolenichenko, and changing attachments is a very time consuming task, therefore, as a rule, this technique has only one function – replacing the wheels on mining trucks.It is no coincidence that businesses that acquire this technique, often leave kolenichenko in a fixed position and use the machine mainly at the planned change of wheels, that is, twice a year. Telescopic forklifts can also in less than a minute to change a wide range of attachments: typically, these machines get a bucket, a cradle, a hook, kalenichenko and cylindroconical. The forks are as standard.

If necessary, kalenichenko quickly removed and changed to a bucket. Developed a new part of the section or career, and you must stretch to the place of work electricity? In this case the machine is used as lifting device: the bucket is replaced with a cradle, using which people are pulling the cable on the poles. If you need to replace the cylinders on dump trucks – removal tool for worn cylinders. In addition, all operations on telescopic forklift operator produces its own. He does not need assistants or any other machine.

Great prospects

Due to all these qualities telehandlers mining companies are increasingly using them as auxiliary equipment. Manitou Group is the first to offer such cars on the Russian market and at this stage remains the leader in this segment: statistics for the year 2017 indicates that the Manitou brand’s share in the total volume of imported equipment amounted to 86%.

For such indicators the company has achieved is primarily due to the presence of the widest on the market heavy line machines, suitable for operation in mining enterprises: MHT-X 790, MHT-X 860, MHT-X 1490, MHT-X 10130, MHT-X 10180, MHT-X 10230. They are able to perform a variety of tasks, especially since the Manitou has a unique grabs our own designs and a big range of attachments.This kolenichenko, cylindroconic, clamps for conveyor belts, for winding cables on spools for RMK (two types: frontal and parallel eat), basket with the possibility of filing a roof support for use in underground conditions, etc.

The range of removable equipment Manitou to work in mining enterprises is very wide: there are 8 kinds of kolenichenko only used for the removal of the heaviest wheels from the 33rd to the maximum 63 of the radius. These wheels (each weighs about 12 tons) are installed on the large and heavy machine in the world, the 450-ton dump truck created by the company “BelAZ”. At one of the mines in Kuzbass, where the truck involved kolenichenko Manitou.

Important advantages of the company are competitive prices and a wide dealer network in the vicinity of mining plants and mining equipment are the Manitou service points with a warehouse of spare parts and consumables. Specialists these items are specially trained, well informed about the specifics of the operation of the auxiliary equipment (for example, during the harsh Russian winters) and can provide excellent client service support within a few hours.

In the Manitou Group sure: telescopic loader in Russia has a great future. Among all markets in the world, which supplied the Manitou auxiliary equipment for mining industry, Russia ranked second after South Africa. And in the next 5 years the supply of this equipment Russian mining companies will only grow.