Skidding tractor TT-4

Created in Soviet times skidder TT-4 has many modifications, which are currently enjoying good demand among small and medium businesses. The TT-4 has established itself as a reliable and durable the power unit of the fourth power class for the logging industry. Let’s take a closer look at characteristics as well as strengths and weaknesses of this machinery.

Skidding tractor TT-4

The history of model TT-4 starts back in 1969, when the factory “Altai tractor” became mass produced the first model. For the base model are taken from the then-popular model of tractor TDT-75, which engineers have modified to the specifics of work in the forest industry. Namely, improved and strengthened the design, put a more powerful performance diesel engine.

Since its inception, and currently skidder has come a long way and has many modifications for various configurations, suitable for different work. This timber harvesting and grubbing and even loading of the wood! Appearance TT-4 standard.

skidder TT 4 photos


The main purpose is the movement (skidding) of the stems of trees large and medium size from the place of felling to the place of storage of the forest. Considered one of the best in the class skidder.

Along with the standard equipment, you can often see the application of modified models for cutting knots and branches, felling trees, uprooting stumps, the clearing and use in the drilling station, welding station, and much more.


TT-4M – the Upgraded model of the standard tractor. Used more comfortable single cabin, diesel engine A-01МРСИ more powerful and outside the cockpit, a reduced specific pressure of machinery on the ground.

TT-4M-01 – Used as a base for other modifications. Has no attachments, just the template for the layout of any model to customer order. On this base it is possible to “attach” a lot of diverse equipment.

TT-4M-04 – Skidder with installation pusher controlled hydraulic drive, which facilitates the work of site preparation for loading and to clear the die.

TT-4M-06 – Tractor equipped with a hydraulic linkage which allows, together with the additional equipment used in agricultural activities.

TT-4M-07 – Modification used for the blade, allowing to make clearing of the area and to form access roads and so on.

TT-4M-15, TT-4M-16 and TT-4M-17 – Used in your Arsenal cordevalle-a collective unit, cultivator and V-conceptline device, respectively.


Let us consider in more detail the main technical characteristics characteristic base model trail tractor TT-4.

Feature Option
Engine brand A-01 ML
Engine type 6-cylinder diesel
Traction class 4
Engine power, kW (HP) 81 (110,1)
Nominal frequency of rotation, rpm./min. 1600
Maximum speed, km/h 20
Specific consumption of diesel fuel, g/kWh 230
Fuel tank capacity, l 135
View pendants Semi-rigid, with the use of the balance lever mechanism
The kind of powertrain Hydraulic/Mechanical
Dimensions, length/width/height, mm 6070/2700/2960
Specific ground pressure, kPa 40
Gauge size, mm. 2000
Database size, m 2,72
Track rollers 5 left, 5 right
Track width, mm 500
The number of crawler links. 69
The size of one unit, mm 150
Ground clearance, mm 530
The number of forward gear. 8
Number of gears backward motion. 4
Volume of hydraulic tank, l 160
View winches With one drum and reverse gear
The diameter of the drum for the winch, mm 290
The capacity of the winch cable, m 50
The maximum capacity of the unit, kN/kg 68,7/7000
Weight skidder, t 14

The scheme of location of main parts and mechanisms can be viewed in the next photo.

Scheme TT-4

The diagram shows: 1 — Gearbox; 2 — Diesel engine; 3 — Damper; 4 — the control Cabin; 5 — Frame; 6 — Rink support; 7 — idler Wheel; 8 — coupling; 9 — Tensioner; 10 — Circuit crawler; 11 — Shield loading; 12 Fuel and hydraulic tanks; 13 — Winch; 14 — supporting part.