Septic system machine application and features

Modern technology is able to help the person to make his life cleaner and much safer. Today we will discuss about septic system machine, which is familiar to many from the Soviet era. In the modern world it is a high-tech specialized equipment. Septic system the machine is mainly used there, where no system of water supply and drainage (where there are problems of sewage). Let’s take a closer look at the purpose, application, technical characteristics and the main types of machines for pumping and treatment of various wastes.

Septic system truck, everything from the appointment to the technical characteristics of

Purpose and scope

Not removed during the human waste cause irreparable harm to the nature of the world. The environment is very sensitive to a variety of liquid sewage. But the modern technique helps the person cope with environmental pollution.

Vacuum machine is also used for drying the rotting marshes, accidentally formed reservoirs hindering the work and life of man, in the preparation of the construction site, cleans swimming pools, wells, pits, septic tanks.

The machine has modern equipment for pumping and barrel equipped with a vacuum box to help control the percentage of fullness of the tank, and also unique equipment to help you manage the entire pumping process. Also, the package Assembly includes a crane control and the receiving hose which is braided in automatic mode. All attachments can be mounted on foreign cars and cars of domestic brands KAMAZ, ZIL and GAZ. The standard appearance of the unit you can see in the photo below.

Photo vacuum trucks

The model number of septic system technology consists of two types. The first option is a machine operating on the basis of a commutator motor. And the second option work equipment with integrated vacuum pump, which is considered much more effective on the job. The vacuum pump is quite automated, it automatically creates a level of pressure in the tank, and the sensors do not allow to drain fluid greater than the volume of the barrel. At the maximum fullness, the machine turns off the suction mechanism.

Time filling machines minimum from 4 to 12 minutes, so the machine performance is high. Laden technique takes sewage to a special location for recycling, and then may again move the object. Despite the fact that the principle of the technique is the same, the types of septic system machines still differ. Consider the main features which differ work units from each other:

  • the volume of the barrel (tank);
  • technical characteristics of occupants;
  • the dimensions of the machine;
  • the types of chassis on which is mounted special equipment for pumping.

The temperature regime in which the septic system equipment can be used varies from -20 C and 40 C, which is important suitable for use throughout the European part of Russia. The length of the corrugated pipe can be adjusted for a certain type of work you plan to do. It can vary in length from 6 meters to 25 meters. Therefore, this type of technology can be used in various fields.

So, consider using machines for pumping of septic tank:

  • in the toilets and bio-toilets;
  • in residential neighborhoods and the private sector;
  • on a stationary car wash;
  • at the gas station or other service stations;
  • in the CHT (and other groups of this type), the cottage, or condominiums;
  • in a variety of stores;
  • in cafes and restaurants;
  • in Hotele or hotels (tourist base);
  • on the street, in a storm drain;
  • in different enterprises;
  • for small or medium-sized production;
  • other.

Tank vacuum trucks may also have a different litrary volume. Depending on what chassis is installed you purchase the tank. So, for example counting from 3 cubic meter to 16 cubic meter. The size of a large tank for Mercedes-Benz Actros you can appreciate in the photo below.

Mercedes-Benz Actros vacuum machine

Specifications vacuum machines

Main technical characteristics of equipment for cesspool cleaning machines are presented in the table below:

Feature Indicator KO-503 Indicator KO-505A Indicator KO-510
Total weight (Laden), t 8,2 20,9 11,2
Base chassis GAZ-3307 KAMAZ-65115 ZIL-433362
Tank capacity, cubic meter 3,75 10 3,25
The power plant, kW 6 9 9
The capacity of the pump (the pump), cubic meter/hour 240 310 360
The efficiency of the unit 0,8-0,9 0,8-0,9 0,8-0,9
The maximum depth of the purification, m 4 4 4,5
The maximum filling time, min. 3-6 10 3-6
Implement width, m 2,2 2,55 2,5
Long aggregate, m 7 8,3 7
Unit height, m 2,6 3,18 3,1

Consider the basic model number which is in demand in the Russian Federation:

  1. Assemblies on the chassis of GAZ, ZIL: manufacturer in Russia — 86 Mechanical plant FSUE ROM MO RF (86МЗ).
  2. Assemblies on the chassis KOBIT: manufacturer in the Czech Republic S. R. O. —
  3. Assemblies on the chassis YTO: manufacturer in China, Group Co.
  4. Model system CO-503 and other series: manufacturer in Russia — JSC “Amurdormash”.
  5. Model setup KO 520: manufacturer in Ukraine — Turbov engineering plant, OJSC “ATEKO”.
  6. Assemblies on the chassis of GRAZ: manufacturer in Russia — Grabovsky automobile plant “Graz”.
  7. The analogue model setup of KO-503: manufacturer in Ukraine — Kyiv communal machine building plant JSC “KOMMASH”.

The photo below presents an overview of foreign automated machine pumping of a septic tank in operation.

The work of foreign equipment for pumping of the septic tank

Septic system on the machine you can earn

Vacuum machine is a good business with a stable income, it is possible to earn and have income every day, ranging from private orders to production orders from legal entities. Typically, the majority of orders from the private sector and resort areas. Especially important is the use of vacuum trucks in the summer due to high temperatures unpleasant odor very quickly, so the profitability of the business during the warmer times of the year are especially important.Happy owners of this technology warn that the work is always there, so return business occurs within the first 3-6 months.

The low level of competition and profitability are the main positive aspects of proficiency in this technique. To the choice of technique should be approached very responsibly. If you decided to buy myself assenizatorsky car, pay attention to the Japanese model, the market they are valued the most. Diesel engine saves on gasoline, Japanese models are more technological than others. They are equipped with automated winding hose and tank for greater strength galvanized steel inside, which is undoubtedly a plus.

There are more simple and inexpensive options septic system machines of domestic production, as well as supported models. When choosing specialized equipment it is necessary to draw primarily on fuel consumption and the volume of the barrel. At the optimal ratio, yield of vehicle increases. A proven domestic model GAZ-3307, but the volume of reservoir is considerably lower than the model on the basis of KAMAZ-4308.

Permission to carry out works issued by the housing, otherwise you risk running into a huge fine for unauthorized draining of sewage. But when a legal approach, you will be assigned special was a site where you will daily bring their waste.