Reversible plough

Reversible plough. Over time, mankind has sought to improve their instruments of labour and therefore reversible plough for farm machines is the result of multiple modifications familiar to us ordinary plow. The designer has designed it so that this implement has become much more efficient, much easier and more convenient. Let us now consider what the corps reversible plough, its features and applications.

Reversible plough for agriculture

At the moment there are 3 main types of plows for the treatment of agricultural fields is rotary, monohull and revolving ploughs. The latter in turn can be trailed, semi-mounted and mounted. Each is designed for a certain category of equipment, say no more than that there are types of revolving plows specially designed for mini tractors and tillers. So what is working plow?

Reversible plough is designed for thorough processing of land by optimizing the process of plowing and reduce the costs associated with the use of heavy tractors. So, for example due to the design features of parts and equipment when working with land excluded unnecessary layer. The appearance of this equipment you can see in the photo below.

Reversible plough

It is important to know! Land passages of the tractor with that plow occur close to each other, which greatly affects the treatment result.

Design and operation of a plow

A distinctive feature of the revolving plows is the double mirror of tines rigidly secured to the housing. The cultivation of the fields one of them is always in the ground and produces work, and the second above the ground (so to speak resting). After the passage of one lane of the tractor takes place, and the ploughshares through the installed hydraulic system change each other. That is, one piece of equipment that worked, is not working, but resting working. The result of such a combination turns out to be well-prepared and smooth (without ridges and numerous furrows) land.In conjunction with such equipment, farmers often use tillers of the soil.

For comparison, when applying for tillage conventional mounted or trailed plough with a single fixed blade to achieve such a result impossible.

Let’s look at the basic structure of the systems, units and mechanisms of the examined plough:

  • symmetric frame with fixed attachments for chisels;
  • tow hitch (different for trailed, mounted and polunovskij plows);
  • hydraulic device for turning equipment for plowing;
  • the disc-shaped housing;
  • tines (removable consumable);
  • a pressure relief device.

The photo shows the work of 6 of the body half-carried a plow.

Reversible plough at work on the field

The main advantages of the characteristic of a plow include:

  1. Simple and convenient adjustment of all systems and components.
  2. the ease of relocation of machinery equipment at road tracks.
  3. A significant width of land cultivation.
  4. Higher MTBF operating units and mechanisms of the plow.

Operation of a plow

I would like to mention that well-done plowing of land is directly proportional to the entire crop sown on this land. As written earlier popular among agricultural enterprises use a plow largely due to just quality plowing.

At this point in time developed different types of plows, working with heavy agricultural tractor equipment, and private use of small tractors and even tillers. The main difference is the size, nominal weight and the number of piles used in the work.

Improved design and hydraulic system of a turn of the plow provide savings not only processing time, but and fuel. As the time of cultivation significantly reduced by reducing the number of turns of the equipment after the passage of the plowing. Recall that the optimal speed of plowing the land, using a plow is 6-9 km/h, less when using tractors or tillers.

Trailed reversible plough

At the end of the material can be noted that today the market of agricultural equipment there is a large number of working ploughs, both domestic and foreign production. As they say — to your taste and color! They differ from each other, but the main thing when choosing to focus on the class of technique with which they can produce work and it is advisable to read reviews of owners who have used it for its intended purpose (on the forums a lot of such information).