The pipe-layer in the utilities and construction sectors has been used recently and over a short period of time gained its popularity. The definition is seen for what is used this special equipment, namely to transport and laying of pipes of various diameters on rough terrain.

Pipe layers

So, crane pipe layer is the special purpose equipment on tracks (at least on pneumococus), its main purpose in the field of construction, the lift loads during installation of pipelines. The photo below shows appearance of a conventional pipelayer.

Photo pipelayer

Key features include:

  • carriage whips and pipes;
  • lifting and lowering parts of pipes;
  • laying of pipes in trenches;
  • maintaining the pipeline in the process of assembling and welding;
  • related work in the field of installation and construction.

The main areas in which demand special units pipelay:

  • the oil industry;
  • gas industry;
  • utilities.

Device pipelayers

Structurally, any pipelayer has a standard consisting of a base chassis (of the car), special hinged lifting mechanism, the transmission system, the control unit of all systems of the unit and, of course, of the devices for safety. Hub Assembly pipelayer that performs the basic power function when performing work is a powerful diesel engine.

Machinery, specializing in pipe-laying on the device the main mechanism actually can be divided into 3 groups:

  1. Special equipment for laying pipes with a diameter of not more than 0.5 m.
  2. Special equipment for laying pipes with a diameter of 1.2 m.
  3. Heavy pipelayers with maximum diameter up to 1.5 m.

It is important to know! Machinist pipelayer performs work on laying and installation of pipes alone. Technological process control is simple, which allows employers to organize the work process in shifts with only one driver per unit.

It is worth noting that the first models of pipelayers was based on the tractor (bulldozer) the crawler, and at the moment this equipment is made on the tracks and pneumococus. The photo shows the old pipe-layer on the basis of tractor CTZ.

Old pipelayer CHTZ on the basis of tractor

When working this technique enjoys its own quiet way. The basic working mechanism of the crane with an arrow pendant which can technologically be operated as rigid or as flexible. The boom of the crane in some models can reach as much as 8 meters.

The stability on the ground is provided directly by the basic and additional protivogaznyh devices (see photo), which by operation of hydraulic cylinders are moved to the working position.

Before starting Assembly work, performed all types of inspections and equipment testing. In case of positive verification and compliance of the machinery with the requirements of Rostekhnadzor, made the admission to works. Allowed to work pipelaying are high-quality and safe machine.

Classification: type

When purchasing this type of equipment under a certain kind of work necessary to know not only the specifications pipelayers, but also their classification. Let’s take a closer look at what types they share.

  1. From a design point of suspension, there are wheel and crawler pipelayers.
  2. At the maximum load of the unit, there are loadcapacity and liftcapacity model.
  3. Referring to the lifting actuator, there are single-engine and multi-engine models.
Job pipelayers Volvo

Main technical specifications pipelayers

Characteristics that you should pay close attention when buying a pipelayer are such technical parameters as the maximum load capacity is diametrically the capacity of the pipeline. You also need to determine the nominal weight of the unit. Well, now look at the table the main technical characteristics which are typical for the majority of motorized vehicles (except ships, which are now working on Turkish stream).


Feature Komatsu D355 CHTZ TG-1224 CATERPILLAR 587R
Total weight, t 57,8 28,3 53,4
Maximum lifting capacity, t 92 27 91,6
Maximum speed, km/h 10 7,06 9,4
Engine type Diesel Diesel Diesel
The power plant, HP. 360 180 351
The chassis type Crawler Crawler Crawler
Tank volume, l 640 300 568
Track width, m 2,55 2,2 2,5
Long aggregate, m 6,03 6,25 5,48
Unit height, m 3,9 4,3 3,50

It is important to know! Structurally, the equipment is designed so that allows for long lasting, trouble-free and most importantly safe operation.

Additional equipment

The modern model of the considered equipment are often fitted with such additional attachments, which are able to produce and execute a variety of technological functions.

Such equipment include the dumps from bulldozer machinery or welding equipment that allows resistance welding of the joined pipes.

Speaking of convenience, I would like to mention that the cabin of the crane pipelayer is equipped with all the most advanced control technique that allows a single operator (operator) to monitor the effective and qualitative execution of all technological process. Add that the technique is moderately hardy and especially undemanding, and special technical skills to operate it is not required.