Paver BOMAG BF 300 C

When operating the paver BF 300 C used the advanced technology application and leveling asphalt mix, which significantly increases productivity and improves the quality of operations. In addition, you do not need large cash outlay for maintenance and prevention equipment. Special control system engine evaluates and monitors fuel consumption, while preventing overspending.

The chassis of the paver BF 300 C is represented by a hydraulically mounted crawler tracks. The production process is as follows. The first asphalt mixture is directed into the receiving hopper of the paver, then goes on the screws which uniformly distribute the asphalt on the road surface. Then pressing the plate with vibration and tamping smoothes and compacts the mixture into a layer of required thickness and width. Special devices automatically adjust the speed of auger rotation.In addition, the paver can also be fitted with ultrasonic sensors to control the pressing plate.Data about the temperature of heating the pressing plates of the paver shown on the monitor. The operator is given the opportunity to adjust the level of ramming and vibration. Cooling and lubrication of all working parts of the paver is performed centrally.

Spacious working platform is convenient for the operator. The adjustable seat can be moved in the direction of 40 cm, which allows all-round visibility of the work area and outside parts of the paver. The dashboard is a comfortable distance from the seat of a user. The platform is equipped with a special tent, protecting it from mechanical damage and protects the operator from adverse weather conditions.Open access to the main operating units of the paver allows you to perform maintenance, necessary repairs and replacement of defective parts.

Technical characteristics of paver BF 300 C

Working width, mm 1740
Working length, mm 4950
Height, mm 2700
Working weight, t 8
Manufacturer Kubota
Type V3307T
Power, kW 55,4
Rotation speed, rpm 2200
The number of cylinders 4
Cooling water
Type track
The distance between the axes, mm 2200
Width, mm 260
A hopper
Volume, m3 4,8
Width (wings raised), mm 3075
Width (with drooping wings), mm 1740
Length, mm 1660
Filling height, mm 540
The number 2
Diameter, mm 280
Rotation speed, rpm 100
Pressing plate
Standard width, mm 1700
Increased width, mm 3400
Heating system electric
The frequency of tamping, Hz 30
The frequency of vibration, Hz 20-50
Weight, t 1,2
General characteristics
Movement speed, km/h 4,9
Operating speed, m/min 26
Fuel tank capacity, l 100
Tank capacity of hydraulic oil, l 80