Manitou MT-X 1840 A telehandler lifting capacity 4 tons

Technical characteristics MANITOU MT-X 1840 A

Engine Perkins
Power (kW) 101
Load capacity (kg) 4000
Hoisting height (m) 17.55
Length (m) 6.27
Width (m) 2.42
Height (m) 2.45
Weight (kg) 12560

Description MANITOU MT-X 1840 A

Telehandler MT-X 1840А designed for loading and unloading. Able to lift loads to a height of 18 meters and weight not exceeding 4 tons. This is sufficient for most production tasks. Functionality of equipment is provided by the compatible attachments. For example, the basket allows you to raise workers to the desired height for lining work or repair the roof. Model equipped with all-wheel drive, which guarantees excellent flexibility and throughput, regardless of the quality of the road surface.A system for leveling and outrigger acts as an additional safety factor of the operations.

Compared with many analogues loader MT-X 1840 has several important advantages:
  • compact size;
  • improved patency;
  • high ground clearance;
  • functionality;
  • the convenience and ease of administration;
  • small turning radius – the ideal solution for production areas with limited space.

Manitou 1840 A Telescoping lift with a lifting capacity of 4 tons, which is able to produce handling not less than 18 meters. Equipped with modern turbodiesel Perkins, environmental standards Euro-3, which is aggregated with a four-speed hydromechanical transmission. Excellent off-road performance provides a four-wheel drive and three steering modes, including crab mode.

The spacious and ergonomic cockpit all conditions for comfortable work of the operator, the electrohydraulic joystick, panoramic view, and the adjustable seat and steering column. Available the possibility of mounting the basket, making the car transformirovalsya in the lift for people with the purpose of carrying out various work at height, for example, repair of the roof or facade cladding.