Machine for laying paving slabs

In urban arrays, you can often see a picture that the workers of the construction organizations to shift the paving, which only recently made. Because of its swelling, or it is “floated”. This is due to the quality of work and of course the human factor. The picture looks different when applying the builders of unusual equipment – plitkoukladochnyh machine called the TIgerStone. The photo below shows a typical example of this technique.

Unusual machinery

With its miniature size, this device easily passes on the amount of work performed per work shift a whole team of workers. For example: team 1 puts from 70 to 120 m2 paving paths in turn, this rare machine to cope with a minimum of 300 m2 of block paving. Here and so.

Is used the unit is very simple, moving on a broad platform track workers quickly spread the required pattern of tiles on a special inclined surface. On this surface, in turn, tile pattern moves to advance part of the paving surface. The side guides of the Assembly during manufacturing operations do not give to crumble the pattern of the paving. Due to its weight bricks tiles fit exactly without all sorts of gaps and imperfections, and most importantly quickly and efficiently.


There is a truck which transports the other technique, there is the special equipment which transports, even large tanks, and there are some unusual vehicles, which specializiruetsya on the transportation of animals called carcasses – tochiotome. The photo shows one of the types of special machines for the transport of meat carcasses.

In a rare technique - tosefos

Engineering staff designing a special freezer containers machine intended for transportation of carcasses is necessary to solve a very difficult task. Carcasses – cargo which must be transported in suspended from the ceiling condition. And it’s not easy. Load-bearing roof frame, and along with it the side walls of the freezing container is structurally designed to take heavy loads, that is – to be very sturdy and reliable. Another pitfall is when transferring carcasses swing, which can result in sharp bends to the danger of skidding.

Designer hard to ensure the reliability as often because of the increased strength of the frame suffering the weight of the container Assembly, which in turn affects the number of transported payload. Here they have to maneuver and say that it is possible and good.

Destroyers of buildings

If there is a special machinery for construction, so why not invent an unusual technique for the destruction of buildings, constructions and other things. Such machines already exist and represent a robotic technique. They are used instead of the already known demolition technology in the city with high density development in areas where construction is difficult to carry, and often dangerous. The photo shows a rare example of technology — robot-destroyer.

very rare special equipment robot destroyer

One of the smallest units of destruction is a robot that weighs just 550 kg. He’s really just passing the openings for doors and works mainly in small spaces. Most of such robotic techniques have a large number of removable attachments such as hydraulic breakers, hydraulic pliers, grinders (mulcher), buckets of different volumes and so on.

The main advantage of this unique and rare equipment is quiet, the security and complexity of work undertaken. The latest designs of such equipment are composed of vandal 3D camera and 3D positioning system on the ground for the more delicate work in hazardous areas.

Machine for transplanting large trees

A special technique is mainly designed to greatly simplify the manual labor workforce. What if this human means to accomplish but simply unrealistic? For example, to transplant a large Mature tree? Engineers here have thought of everything! Look at the photo shows the car that transplantation of grown trees.

special equipment for transplanting trees

Of course the maximum length of a grafted tree depends on the unit and its longer blades capturing. For the improvement of the city this rare special equipment is very useful and already being applied in the European Union and North America. In the Russian Federation there are such machines, but very few of them, mostly small appliances.

Recycling trees – Schroeder

Considered just above the machine carefully transplant trees, beautifying the city, and there is a car (should say attachments on the excavator) which in minutes destroys them turning into a pile of sawdust. This unusual equipment for special-purpose machinery is one of the varieties mulcher – chopper wood-shrub vegetation (trees and shrubs). In the picture below presents such equipment installed on the excavator.

shredder for excavator

Shredder is used for rapid disposal of large trees at the root, without the involvement of the lumberjacks. Is used for training rides for the newly mounted power lines, gas and oil pipelines, as well as for pre-site preparation in forested areas, where conventional equipment can’t pass.

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