Light-duty truck Isuzu NQR75

Light-duty truck Isuzu NQR75 regularly occurs on our roads. The car perfectly copes with its task — the transport of cargo up to 5 tons around the city and suburbs. Chassis truck can be installed add-ons for various purposes, from basic van to a mounting tower. Japanese cars Isuzu with a series of NQR since 2006 produced in Russia, which positively affects their value. Those who first heard about the technique Isuzu can excite legitimate questions. What is a Isuzu NQR75? How it is reliable? What are the opinions of owners of this equipment? This article aims to answer all these questions.

Truck Isuzu NQR75 — unpretentious workaholic

A bit of history. The Japanese manufacturer has over a century of history, which started in 1916. Since 1949, the manufacturer has become known as Isuzu Motors Limited. Already in 1969 the company has supplied products to the Soviet Union. In 1990-e years, Isuzu took the first position in the world for the production of medium-duty trucks and thelotornis. In 2007, Isuzu together with “Severstal-Avto” organized joint venture. Thanks in Tatarstan has been manufacturing the trucks with the amount of production of 25 thousand units per year.In Japan, Isuzu is still the leader in manufacturing commercial vehicles.

The photo below is a sample of the base of the considered equipment.

truck Isuzu NQR75

The purpose and features light-duty truck Isuzu NQR75

Isuzu NQR75 — truck with a multi-faceted character. Scope of Isuzu NQR75 very diverse. Since 2007, the market began to be delivered restyled modification — NQR75P and NQR75R. Modification NQR75R considered extended base. If you talk about vans, models can be manufactured goods, isothermal, or furniture. In insulated vans as thermal insulation material uses polyurethane foam sandwich panels. The scope of the truck depends on the type of add-in.

  • Awning the van. The frame can be dismantled. The PVC material.
  • Flatbed truck. Board height 40 cm, side folding. Material — galvanized metal.
  • Tow. The vehicle platform sliding. Is equipped with a winch with a hydraulic drive.
  • The tail lift.
  • Manipulator. The unit is mounted behind the driver’s cab.
  • Tower mounting. Can be installed with the crankshaft (22 m.), or telescopic (18 m) tower.
  • Garbage truck.
  • Multilift.
  • The milk truck.

Manufacturer of “Severstal-Avto” produces not all types of add-ons. Some variants produce and assemble outside firm.

Truck Isuzu NQR75 different simple controls and small turning radius, which contributes to the work in large cities with narrow streets. Other advantages of the truck are:

  • Adaptability to difficult working conditions. The car was designed to operate in traffic conditions of different complexity. It is equipped with reliable riveted a ladder-type frame, reinforced suspension and a heated fuel filter. Cab and frame are rust-proof processing.
  • Layout. Due to the bonnetless arrangement improves the maneuverability and visibility. This arrangement increases the useful size of the platform.
  • Safety and comfort. The cab and doors of the car are reinforced with additional metal inserts. Heating and ventilation of the cabin is carefully thought out. The car is equipped with power steering systems ABS, ASR. The truck is equipped with large mirrors on portable arms. Powerful headlights and fog lamps contribute to the presence of high-quality illumination of the road in the dark. The presence of a double passenger seat and a large number of niches and shelves allows you to work comfortably in the car three employees.
  • Maintainability. Drop the cabin facilitates access to services the main aggregates and units of vehicle. Consumables and spare parts are affordable. Russia has more than 100 centres of “SOLLERS-ISUZU”, where trained craftsmen are able to produce detailed diagnostics and implement a quality repair Isuzu.

The photo shows the manipulator on the base of Isuzu ngr75.

Manipulator Isuzu ngr75

Device Isuzu NQR75

In recent years significantly increased the demand for small cars and medium-duty trucks. Due to its characteristics of Isuzu truck has found application in transport companies, transporting goods and equipment in small batches. The reliability and ruggedness of a truck allows you to use it on regular routes.


Engineers “Japanese” tried to make the cabin as comfortable and adapted for the full working day of the driver and two passengers. Handrail and footrest in the form of a metal grid, located at a convenient height. This greatly facilitates getting in and out. The steering column is adjustable in height and angle, equipped with a hydraulic amplifier. Driver’s seat has the necessary minimum adjustments. The instruments are made with a sufficiently full, clear numbering. Materials trim inexpensive, but quality, details of the salon perfectly.

The cabin has many drawers and shelves. The average chair transformirovalsya in a table. For extreme passenger’s seat is a place for tools. The car can be equipped with electric window lifters and ventilation hatch in the roof with different levels of adjustment. Can be supplied with radio, navigation, communication and control.

The controls — the Parking brake is a drum design with the cable connection and exhaust brake, easier braking with the engine.

salt cabin Isuzu

Suspension and frame

As stated by the manufacturer, the truck was designed to work in harsh conditions. This becomes obvious when considering the suspension elements. The car has a riveted frame with side members with a height of 216 mm. Pendant is made in a spring performance. Enhanced rear suspension 5-leaf podreczniki.


On the truck installed diesel engine 4HK1 without turbo 150 horsepower with a displacement of 5.1 l. On the manufacturer, the lack of a turbo and increase the engine capacity is aimed at reducing the costs associated with the operation. The engine has a cast iron block and “dry” cylinder liners. Has great resource, easy to repair and maintenance. With proper maintenance and timely service can withstand the mileage up to 1 million kilometers.As noted by the owners of a diesel unit is almost not transmitted to the car control.


The car comes with a manual type transmission. The gearbox has 5 speed modes. The clutch is made in a single-plate dry design.

Brake system

All wheels are equipped with drum brakes with standard ABS system. The system has a dual fulfillment. Hydraulic power steering and power brake systems are in one unit. The assurances of dealers, brake pads go 200-300 thousand miles. of Course, a lot also depends on riding style.

light-duty truck
Feature Figure
Total weight, t 2,46
Maximum lifting capacity, t 5,04
Nominal speed, km/h 100
Engine type Diesel engine ISUZU 4HK1 Euro 3
The power plant, HP. 150
The volume of the power unit, cm3 5193
Turning radius, m 7,6
Only man places 3
Drive Rear
Transmission Manual 5-speed
Ground clearance, m 2,35
Tank volume, l 100 DT
Fuel consumption at 100% load in litre/100 km 17
Track width, m 1,65
Implement width, m 1,99
Long aggregate, m 6,61
Unit height, m 2,3

Owner reviews and the price

It’s safe to say that light-duty truck Isuzu NQR75 stuck on our roads. Internet resources you can read many positive reviews about this car. Most of the owners produce a number of advantages:

  • simple structure, convenient repair;
  • good performance;
  • powerful resource engine;
  • warm cabin;
  • decent noise isolation for cars of this class.

Like any other car, Isuzu NQR75 not without flaws. Among the main claims of the owners — the minimum amount of additional equipment. Some complain about the poor quality of the factory tires and battery. But these observations are not critical and crucial in the selection of this equipment.

As for the cost, in 2015 the prices for the products of JSC “SOLLERS-ISUZU” increased on average by 21%. On the secondary market value of the truck starts from 350-400 thousand rubles.

Conclusion: Isuzu NQR75 — Asian truck with lots of advantages. We can confidently say — it is superior to its Chinese and Russian rivals. Simplicity of design, no complex electronics and turbocharging is his only advantage. The car managed to roll 1 million miles — a good proof.