JCB tracked excavators JS190

Model JCB JS190 is representative of a 19.5-ton category of cars of model range of heavy tracked excavators JCB. These excavators are designed to ensure exceptional strength, performance, efficiency, comfort, safety and ease of maintenance.

Box construction of the turntable provides increased strength and load reduction, But also makes the excavator extremely resistant to impact damage. In the manufacture of machines used reliable components that meet the highest industry standards.

These excavators are equipped with a highly efficient JCB Dieselmax engines that meet the Stage 3 standard. It is not all advantages of crawler excavators series JS190.


  • Breakout force on the bucket is 11 839 kg.
  • Durable rotating platform and door.
  • The JCB Dieselmax engine compliant with Stage 3. Best-in-class access for maintenance.
  • Spacious, comfortable cabin with great visibility.
  • Spacious, comfortable cab design with excellent visibility


Crawler excavator JCB JS180 designed to ensure maximum comfort, safety, ergonomics, ease of use and ease of management. Work on the full-revolving excavators comfortable for operators and beneficial for you, because the simplicity of the control means high performance.

The damping of the boom cylinders and stick prevents the transmission of shock loads while protecting the machine and increase operator comfort, while 6 viscose-rubber minimizes noise and vibration.

By dividing the windshield in a ratio of 70/30 for a good view of the area on the front of the right track, as well as large multi-layered glass on the roof of the 19-tonne excavators provide perfect all-round visibility.

To ensure full control, crawler excavator JCB JS180 equipped with balanced rotary mechanism and electro-hydraulic control gear deceleration rotation. Functional switches, including control of the heating and climate control located conveniently on hand, and the side panel is partially duplicates the code selector Immobiliser.


Now more than ever it is important to save time and money. Crawler excavator JCB JS180 help accomplish both of these tasks.

For efficiency, the JCB Dieselmax engine compliant with Stage 3, provides a high torque at low rpm.

Breakout force on the bucket is impressive 97 kN, providing superior performance, and a special quick release carriage for machines of the model range of JS allows for easy replacement of attachments.

Thanks to the convenient all-in-one control movement while performing excavation work is carried out quickly and smoothly, and four work modes allow the operator 19-ton excavator JS180 to choose the required level of performance according to the task. The modes “Auto”, “Savings”, “Precision” and “Rise” allows you to choose settings that are optimized for different tasks.


Before you buy tracked excavators, you need to be sure that he can handle any of your jobs. Fortunately, the strength and durability are the integral characteristics of the machines JCB JS190.

JCB company performs analysis by the finite element method and rigorous testing for strength and durability to guarantee long lifespan of its full-revolving excavators. Reinforced boom and stick excavator JCB JS190 is made of high strength steel, and one-piece bottom plate of the boom and internal partitions provide a long service life of the machine.

The basis of the high-strength undercarriage of 19.5-tonne excavator JS190 is fully welded X-shaped frame that allows the machine to retain strength even in the most difficult working conditions, and reliable turntable ensures maximum durability.

Rotating tower crawler excavator JS190 are welded both to the upper and lower plane of the chassis, and a strong, reliable door additionally enhance the strength.


Crawler excavator JCB JS180 are created based on maximum simplicity and ease of maintenance. Therefore, they are affordable, effective and high-performance.

The hood is easily opened and closed by pneumatic cylinders, and large and wide compartments to provide excellent service access. The lubrication interval for boom and stick multi-excavators is 1000 hours and the oil life is 5000 hours, which ensures maximum uptime of the machines. Lubrication points on a 19-tonne excavators JS180 is centralized for ease and safety of access. The same applies to the filters (fuel filter and oil filter of the engine and hydraulic system).

The engine radiator, hydraulic oil and intercooler crawler excavators JS180 located next to each other in a single plane, so their individual maintenance and cleaning are very easy.