JCB Tracked excavator JS160

Tracked excavator JS160 model is becoming increasingly popular and demanded by our customers. Due to optimum ratio of the volume of the bucket (0.85 m3), deep digging (up to 6.3 m) and breaking force (113,7 kH) it is ideal to perform excavation and loading operations.

This model has a choice of two versions of the undercarriage: long (LC) or position (NLC). The arrow can be one (MONO) or two (TAB) sections at the request of the customer. The handle has three length options (2,25/2,7/3,05 m). Track width has five versions, 500, 600, 700, 800 or 900 mm and is selected based on the application of the machine.

JS160 excavator is equipped with an innovative system, LiveLink, which allows you to remotely manage machines. It takes into account the exact number of worked machine hours, recalls the time of the MOT and informs about the movement of the excavator. Its presence gives you the opportunity to protect the machine from unauthorized use. All the necessary information you are getting on your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Comfort and safety operator

The simple controls. The operating parameters of the excavator are displayed on the multifunction colour display of size 3.5 inches. Button switch mode momentary increase of power allows you to quickly increase the hydraulic capacity. Balanced mechanisms of rotation and braking of the platform allow to perform all operations quickly and with high accuracy, and an improved management system (AMS) changes the engine speed and hydraulic performance in accordance with current operating conditions, which improves performance and fuel efficiency of the car.

Good review. The cabin has a large glass area that ensures safe and efficient operation. The low hood enhances visibility. Extra mirrors and video cameras allows you to eliminate the appearance of dead zones for the operator. The heating system prevents fogging and icing of the windshield.

Security. At the customer’s cabin poonawalla protection against falling objects (FOPS) and rollover protective structure (ROPS). Anti-skid perforated plate, installed on the steps and platform of the excavator, provide a solid grip of the Shoe with the surface of the machine in all weather conditions. Built-in 2GO system protects equipment from accidental movement: running excavator only occurs when the hydraulics locked.

Comfortable work. The cab designed to reduce operator fatigue. Six rubber damping elements of the cabin provide protection from shock and vibration. The seat and armrests are easily adjustable, allowing any operator can configure them for yourself. For personal belongings a large compartment located at the back of the seat. Overpressure in the cab prevents the penetration of dust and the climate control ensures a comfortable temperature in the workplace.


JS160 tracked excavator equipped with four-cylinder diesel engine of its own design for JCB, whose power is 130 HP (97 kW). DIESELMAX 444 has proved itself as a reliable, high-performance and economical engine, and fuel tank capacity of 220 liters allows equipment to operate longer without refueling.


The reliability of the chassis is ensured by a welded reinforced x-frame. Box construction of the turntable is resistant to shock loads and ensures maximum durability.


Design JS160 provides easy access to all important sites. Centralized arrangement of filters (oil, hydraulic, fuel) accelerates and facilitates the maintenance and the layout of the cooling system allows not to worry about the performance of the car.