JCB Crawler excavator JCB JS180

19-ton model JCB JS180, as any high-quality heavy excavator, must meet high requirements on reliability and stability, comfort, safety and performance. Made of high quality materials JS180 tracked excavator fitted with JCB Dieselmax engine, which meets the standard Stage 3 and provides excellent efficiency. Box construction on the perimeter of the turntable protects from shock loads. Full-revolving excavator is resistant to mechanical damage, while the load on the tracks is small.


  • The engine JCB Dieselmax standard-compliant Stage 3, has one of the most comfortable in its class accesses for maintenance.
  • 11 839 kilogram-forces – so much of the digging forces developed by the bucket cylinder.
  • Cabin has excellent view, spaciousness and comfort.
  • Doors and turntable made of quality materials, their durability and reliability is hard to overestimate.


Simplicity and convenience in the management of the excavator provides excellent operator productivity: both learning and self-management less time consuming. We have tried to do so, to manage multi-JS180 excavator is convenient, and its design met all safety requirements. For all round visibility the cabin is fully glazed, including the portion of the roof, and the windshield is divided in the ratio of 70/30 for a better view of the front part of the right track.

Noise and vibration inside the cabin is reduced through the six pillars that protect the operator from vibrations. The excavator-protected from the transmission of shock loads through the damping of the boom cylinders and the handle and turning mechanism are balanced so that the operation of the machine was smooth and accurate. For greater operator comfort the cab has climate control and heated, to which access is conveniently located at hand. Sidebar is partially similar to the code selector Immobiliser to ensure the simplicity and ease of management.


New crawler excavators sharpened for efficient work, saving time and money. Their design features ensure excellent performance with minimal costs. Efficiency is achieved through the use of the JCB Dieselmax engine that meets the Stage 3 standard. It provides high torque at low rpm, and supports energy-saving mode. Thanks to the digging force of 97 kN, developed by the hydraulic cylinder of the bucket, heavy excavator can perform even complex work requiring considerable application of force.

Combining the four modes, you can achieve maximum efficiency at low cost and to optimize the excavator for different tasks. The versatility of the model JS180 is provided by a quick-fit carriage which allows quick and simple change of attachments, which is in wide assortment presented on our website. With it, You can use the new full-revolving excavator for many types of work, saving both time and money.


For some of the work machine is experiencing a huge load, so that the new crawler excavators shall meet the requirements for durability and reliability, sufficient to execute all kinds of work. JCB will carefully examine all components of their models and enhances the elements of the machine so that it was the most durable. Long working time of the excavator without breaking down helps to reduce downtime and efficiently from the point of view of financial benefit, especially given the affordable cost JS180.

High-strength steel, which made the boom and stick one piece with the bottom plate of the boom and internal partitions – all aimed at maximum durability full-revolving crawler excavator. 19-ton vehicle designed for heavy work, and thus, must withstand high loads. The reliability and durability of the excavator provide the X-shaped welded frame and high-quality turntable made of resilient materials. Welded to the upper and to the lower plane of the undercarriage rotating tower gives JS180 additional strength.


Thanks to the constructive solutions of a new JCB tracked excavators are designed to serve them, quickly and easily. Easy access allows you to reduce downtime and ensure long operation of the machine. In addition, the model is designed in such a way that the access to the main nodes were safe. Design JS180 assumes that the radiators of the engine and hydraulic oil and intercooler are in a common plane, which greatly facilitates maintenance and cleaning.Pneumatic cylinders make it easy to open and close the hood, thus saving time and effort, and compartments for maintenance are made large and affordable.

To reduce the time of maintenance, JS180 excavator air filters that provide record-breaking oil life: up to 5,000 operating hours. The interval of lubrication of the hinges of the boom and stick is 1,000 operating hours, and thanks to grouped lubrication points service is simplified. Fuel and oil filters engine hydraulic system also centralized, which makes the process of maintenance, speed and comfort.