Harvester Ponsse Ergo

Harvester Ponsse Ergo is a modern, powerful forestry unit of the latest generation, without which it is hard to imagine a fleet of wood production.

The Finnish company “Ponsse” began producing harvesters in the early seventies of the last century, gradually increasing production and expanding the delivery region. The conveyor of this manufacturer today is going to be various models of harvesters, loading units for harvesting forests (harardere and forwarders) and accessories. Company “Ponsse” today, deservedly holds the first place among manufacturers of equipment for timber harvesting.

Externally, the harvester is similar to a wheeled excavator with Stella ending working part engaged in various types of work on logging. Next, take a closer look at the distinctive features of the model, modifications and reviews from owners of the equipment.

Review of harvester Ponsse Ergo

The purpose and features of the Ponsse Ergo

Ponsse Ergo is a multifunction processor that performs the following function:

  • cutting branches;
  • selective felling of trees;
  • the roll of continuous forest massif;
  • krajevna wood.

Features of the unit is the ability to work in difficult conditions – the roads, the movement “uphill”, the presence of bandstop elements. The photo below presents a working prototype of the harvester Ponsse Ergo 8w.

Ponsse Ergo 8w

Its optimal size and weight, the technique is capable of working with heavy and large trees growing in dense forest without any difficulty.

The success of the development are such features of the harvester, as a minimum the likelihood of tipping during movement and manipulation of dimensional cargo, as well as uninterrupted operation of the engine in operating conditions with reduced oxygen – mountainous terrain.

Powerful engine, light weight of about twenty tons, maneuverability, active suspension system evenly distributes pressure even on fragile ground, two kinds of manipulators – parallel or provided with a retractable boom, the optimal working angle of twenty degrees, the wide viewing window of the driver, the ergonomic control system equipment makes the work highly efficient and comfortable.

The device of the harvester

Design and device Ponsse Ergo not only have some similarities with the wheel excavators, but also their distinctive features.


Forestry equipment is produced in a rugged metal enclosure, resistant to adverse external influences and corrosion. The driver in tilting cab this model is equipped with modern climate system, the viewing window is made of polycarbonate have a significant angle, an ergonomic chair equipped with a headrest. The look of the cabin you can see in the next photo.

The Cab Of The Ponsse Ergo

The Engine Of The PONSSE Ergo

The engine capacity of the harvester reaches about four hundred liters, which ensures continuous work without refueling for a long time, fuel used – diesel.

Motor Mercedes Benz with a capacity of 205 kilowatts with a torque of 1,100 Newton per meter and a tractive force 160 kN equipped with reducing consumption by fuel injection system.

Hydraulics and chassis

The hydraulic system of the separate type comprises:

  • control system OptiControl;
  • pump head harvester 190 cubic centimeters;
  • pump positioner 145 cubic centimeters;
  • hydraulic circuits;
  • oil-filled capacity.

Axis of the harvester provide amazing stability regardless of the inclination of the support surface.

Front rotatable axle Assembly and the rear truck axle is equipped with planetary gears.

The advantage of the chassis – tyre deep aggressive terrain with a significant number of angular elements in order to carry out the work when driving on unstable, wet and sticky soil, sandy loam and sandy soils.

Increased ground clearance and practical arrangement of the air intake at the top of the bonnet is allowed to move in wet, flooded areas without the threat of getting water in the engine.

Work Ponsse Ergo

Transmission of the harvester

The harvester has an automatic actuator electronic control, hydrostatic mechanical transmission, two positions for the shifter “forward” and “back”. The mechanical differential locks.

The maximum speed that develops technique in second gear – 25 miles per hour.

Brake system

Front and rear brakes responsive to control by the driver. Spring controlled Parking brake allows safe Parking. The service brake has an effect on the front and rear brake system.

Working equipment

The unit is equipped with three roller heads H5, h6 and H7, weighing approximately one ton and disclosure to 530, 600 and 650 mm and a maximum power of 19, 25 and 30 kN respectively.

Major modifications

A wide range of models allows to choose the most suitable unit for specific tasks and environments.

  • Ponsse Ergo harvester (PONSSE Ergo), a powerful high capacity unit with taps type C44+, and C5 are strikingly resistant to work in difficult terrain and slopes;
  • Harvester Ponsse Ergo 8W — compact modification of the basic machine with the positioners of type C44+ and C5, coping with heavy loads and large trees.

Crane C44+ from durable high-strength alloy equipped with arrows with a length of 8.6, 10, or 11 meters accurate and reliable. The manipulator in motion with the help of two non-geared engines, the angle of inclination of the platform is quite wide: from -20 to +20 degrees in relation to the entire machine. Because of this boom can quickly advance with high accuracy of the sight, sliding on rollers and bearings of the telescope with minimal friction.

Crane C5 has one ten-boom increased carrying capacity with increased 30 percent compared with the previous modifications manipulators turning point.

It should be noted that the Harvester Ponsse Ergo 8W power 279 horsepower has the ability to perform very heavy logging operations.

Both versions have similar technical characteristics, differing in appearance and a number of dimensions.

Work ponsse ergo 8w for steep hills

Main technical characteristics of the Ponsse Ergo

Feature Figure
Total weight, t 20
Maximum speed, km/h 25
Engine type Diesel MB OM906 LA EU Stage IIIA
The power plant, kW/HP 205 / 275
Draft force, kN 160
Manipulator PONSSE C4/C33/C44
Boom, m 10-11
Lifting torque, kNm 190-228
Slewing moment, kNm 35
The angle of rotation, deg. 280
The angle of rotation, deg. 30
Hydraulic system PONSSE OptiControl
Pump head, cm3 190
Pump manipulator, cm3 145
Fuel tank capacity, l 400
Volume of hydraulic tank, l 350
Clearance, m 0,6
Implement width, m 2,67 – 3,08
Long aggregate, m 9,55 – 12,16
Unit height, m 3,8 – 3,97

Owner reviews

User opinions described above Finnish logging technology is one – it is difficult to find a more reliable, efficient and powerful unit for use in the woodworking industry.

In spite of sufficient mass, the excellent ability to change direction in horizontal and inclined planes, strong adhesion with various types of ground bases, the possession of a wide range of options you can perform with wood actions have won the trust of the owners of these harvesters.

Noteworthy is the fact that this equipment is multifunctional and can be used for different purposes, solving the individual tasks of production logging or set of tasks as efficiently as possible and in accordance with the necessary requirements for the quality of work and quality wood.

The positive role played by the use of the latest developments:

  • alignment system – this system active suspension front axle having a patent developer helps to ensure the presence of the driver’s cab in a vertical position in terms of displacement off-road and on soft ground with a low center of gravity of the machine;
  • coordinated work of the pump head and pump tap to perform various functions simultaneously without loss of speed on the terrain is possible only thanks to the sole management of the driver unit;
  • large selection of complete working equipment – positioners, cutting heads, tires are filled with salty fluid devices, etc.;
  • carefully designed terrain tires makes the harvester a full-fledged all-terrain vehicle.

Owner reviews harvesters Ponsse Ergo show that, despite the significant upfront investment associated with the cost of equipment is above average, high performance, quality of Assembly and quality of components is fully justified. Need only time to carry out maintenance of equipment, replace supplies and the need to carry out repairs. Necessary spare parts for these machines are available in the open market, including in online stores.