Excavator Hitachi ZX130-5G/ ZX130K-5G

Compact excavator is a small size Hitachi ZX130-5G/ ZX130K-5G proved the reliability and efficiency of their work in a variety of work sites around the world.

The model is equipped with:

  • durable and reliable engine
  • comfortable upgraded cockpit
  • integrated information technology.

Features of excavator ZX130-5G/ ZX130K-5G:

High performance. Model performance was increased due to the regime short-term increases in capacity, high-speed pull-up handle and high speed movement of the handle, when lowered the boom.

Comfortable and safe working environment. The solid construction of the cabin is equipped with air conditioning. The cabin is easy to enter, enough legroom, the dashboard and the levers are under the hand of the operator.

Low fuel consumption. Due to hydraulic system HIOS III and special engine management system that reduces CO2 emissions, fuel consumption is reduced by 8%. There is also ECO mode, which reduces fuel consumption by 14%.

Reinforced construction. The developers have reinforced chassis, with increased thickness of the brackets. Was also increased the strength of the frame of the turntable.


  • ModelZX130-5G
  • Rated power (ISO), kW / HP / 66,0 / 88,5 at 2150 rpm
  • Operating weight, kg12200 – 12800
  • Bucket capacity heaped (ISO), m3to 0.5
  • Stick length, m2,52
  • Speed swing, Rev/min13,7
  • Maximum digging depth, mm5 540
  • The maximum operating height, mm600 8
  • Maximum digging radius, mm8 300
  • The cutting force of the soil bucket (ISO) kN104