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BOMAG paver BF 691 C

Paver BF 691 C is a powerful versatile machine for applying and leveling asphalt in construction of objects of various

BOMAG paver BF 691

Paver BF 691 intended for laying layers of asphalt pavement, which includes a preliminary seal and the distribution of material

Self-propelled anchor machine Zanam SWKN-1/1C

Characteristics: Operating weight-14 700 kg The bolt length is 1.6 m or 1.8 m Hole diameter 28 – 38 mm

Paver BOMAG BF 300 C

When operating the paver BF 300 C used the advanced technology application and leveling asphalt mix, which significantly increases productivity

Paver BOMAG BF 223 C

F BF 223 C belongs to the category of mini-asphalt pavers at the expense of relatively low weight and compact

BOMAG paver BF 222 C

One of the latest models of road machinery BOMAG company for the implementation of asphalt works is a paver BF

Rink BOMAG BW 138 AC

Combined rink BW 138 AC, mainly used when the seal surface behind the paver. Bomag spare parts for sale. Due to

Rink compactor BOMAG BW 177 D-4

Compactor roller has special design of roller, wear-resistant fuel-efficient engine, consumes a small amount of fuel. A sufficiently large distance

Rink BOMAG BW 203 AD-4 AM

Combined rink BW 203 AD-4 AM has proven itself in small and medium construction projects, providing mobility and good maneuverability