Category: Trucks

Excavator Hitachi ZX130-5G/ ZX130K-5G

Compact excavator is a small size Hitachi ZX130-5G/ ZX130K-5G proved the reliability and efficiency of their work in a variety

Excavator Hitachi ZX70-5G

Durability and high performance The middle class excavator Hitachi ZX70-5G is a new line of models in small sizes, designed

Desert truck MZKT-790976 from model group minilorry

Model group minilorry (GP No. 10 of 2011) continues to develop the theme of the production model of domestic truck

Truck tractor KAMAZ-54909-090-B5 (M1840)

Truck tractor KAMAZ-54909-090-B5 (M1840) 4х4Н system of the hydraulic drive of the front wheels KAMAZ H-Drive. The exposition of JSC

Hyundai has launched in Russia the production of heavy trucks

Earlier large models of the brand in Russia were not issued. Serial production will establish at “Avtotor”. Pilot production of

Machinery for agriculture and its types

The rapid development of modern agricultural equipment due to the progress of mankind in many industries. Material and food consumption

Skidding tractor TT-4

Created in Soviet times skidder TT-4 has many modifications, which are currently enjoying good demand among small and medium businesses.

Machine for laying paving slabs

In urban arrays, you can often see a picture that the workers of the construction organizations to shift the paving,

Harvester Ponsse Ergo

Harvester Ponsse Ergo is a modern, powerful forestry unit of the latest generation, without which it is hard to imagine


The pipe-layer in the utilities and construction sectors has been used recently and over a short period of time gained