BOMAG paver BF 222 C

One of the latest models of road machinery BOMAG company for the implementation of asphalt works is a paver BF 222 C. the Machine has a relatively small weight and compact design, which allows its use on small objects such as pedestrian and Bicycle paths, as well as small areas of motorways and during landscape construction.

Asphalt is characterized by a high level of performance and performs all necessary operations with excellent results, without requiring frequent maintenance and costly maintenance. Innovative control system allows not to interrupt the production process, even under the most adverse conditions.

Heated screed of the paver BF 222 C is carried out using special gas burners. The sliding beam device can increase the width even out coverage. Thanks to the open access the main working parts of the machine repair resulting in equipment problems is not difficult.

Manufacturers focus on the simplicity of the control of the paver, which uses a mechanical device regulation. Suspension represented caterpillar tracks, which largely allow the machine to quickly change direction and maneuver in tight spaces. Special scrapers prevent the buildup of particles of asphalt mix and prevent blockage of tracks. For a uniform distribution of the material the paver is equipped with special augers, rotating at high speed.

Technical characteristics of paver BF 222 C

Working width, mm 1400
Working weight, t 4,9
Diameter of screw, mm 280
The dimensions of the crawler belt mm 200×1471
Manufacturer Perkins
Type 403D-15
Power, kW 24,4
Rotation speed, rpm 2800
The number of cylinders 3
Cooling water
Type HF
Weight 630
Heating system sowie burner
General characteristics
Movement speed, km/h 3,5
Operating speed, m/min 29
Fuel tank capacity, l 110
Tank capacity of hydraulic oil, l 75